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How to display more apps?

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How to display more apps?

First off, thanks for the excellent app! I am wondering if I can display more apps than 20 like native Windows start menu. If not, hope it will have in the next update.

John T. Haller
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Can't At Present, Categories and Search

You can't make the menu larger at present. It's designed assuming you'll use categories, favorites, and search. You can make the 20 line limit more efficient by favoriting your most used apps so they're at the top. Setting categories to always on in the menu organization tab in options. And by using the find as you type search to type the few letters of the app you want to launch. Pro Tip: You can show the menu with the CTRL-ALT-SPACE keyboard shortcut, type the first few letters of the app you want like 'fire' for Firefox Portable, and then hit ENTER to launch the first app on the list.

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The Pro Tip Is a Godsend

The Pro Tip Is a Godsend.

Thank You.

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