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Lost toolbar buttons

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Lost toolbar buttons

When I updated to TB 52.8 it kept some extra toolbar buttons from an old extension Toolbar Buttons that worked great, but wishing to add Copy/Paste I installed it again. Not only I did not get the new buttons, I lost the ones I had like Select All, Undo Redo Reset, Empty Trash, Not Junk etc. I find them crucial so I'll have to revert to an old TB version if I can't get them back. Starting with extensions disabled did not bring them back even after removing the newly downloaded Toolbar Buttons. Is there a Restore function for TB or a way to revert to a previous profile? Is there another add-on with extra buttons? I use Classic TB2 theme if that helps. Thanks

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Make your own buttons here:

Make your own buttons here: works fine with 60.5.1

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