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Portable Chrome Saves data on C: Drive

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Portable Chrome Saves data on C: Drive

I am new to Portableapps and have installed Chrome Portable 71.0.3578.98 from this site. It seems to work fine but it is not truly portable as it saves all the chrome settings under the C:\Username\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome folder. Is there some way to make sure it saves the Chrome data into the folder were the program is run from instead of the C: drive?

Ken Herbert
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Are you checking this while

Are you checking this while Chrome Portable is running, or after it has shut down (and been given a short time to clean up)?

The way many of our apps work is like this -
On startup:

  1. Backup existing local settings (if there are any)
  2. Move portable settings to local settings location
  3. Let the app start

Then on exit:

  1. Wait for the app to close properly
  2. Move local settings back to the portable data
  3. Revert to backed up local settings (if there were any)
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