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Please help rebuilding MozilaFirefoxPortateble

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Please help rebuilding MozilaFirefoxPortateble

Good day

Ripples tell me
there is a directory \ FirefoxPortable \ Other \ Source
as I understand it, she is responsible for compiling the MozilaFirefoxPortateble assembly.
I myself have built an assembly with additional plug-ins for myself.
Compiled via PortableApps.comInstaller_3.5.11 without problems

But, I only ask you to tell me
what lines to edit in the FirefoxPortableU.nsi file
1) automatic installation without windows (GUI interface, next - next)
2) set a static default installation path (for example, c: \ TESTS)
3) create a shortcut on the desktop in (c: \ Users \ Public \ Desktop \)

The \ FirefoxPortable \ Other \ Source directory contains compilation files.

Please help me figure out
I use Firefox from your site

p / s thanks in advance for your help ..

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Your forum is top-end, In

Your forum is top-end, In terms of help, as I see from the answers, some are waiting for 3 months ..
Forgive me, maybe I didn’t write a question to the correct forum thread,
but no one has any ideas how to do it, or at least tell me about my previous message ..
If this is not welcome here, you couldn’t just say so ... or transfer my question to another topic.

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NSIS Coding Question

Just so you have a reply, these Forums are primarily for PortableApps Users and volunteer developers, not NSIS coders so your target audience will be very low in number. You may be better looking at an NSIS Forum. Here, you are largely dependent on the individual author of the existing code seeing your question and having the time and willingness to provide specific guidance.

As far as your attempt to build some alternative version of FirefoxPortable with add-ons; the versions currently built by PortableApps Developer(s) do have specific approval from Mozilla because of Copyright/Trademark protections. For anyone to to build and distribute some alternative version using the Firefox name and/or protected Trademarks requires similar permissions and without having previously obtained those permissions from Mozilla; and, if necessary, the add-on developers they could find themselves facing some serious legal issues. That may not be your intention, but then that would beg the question: "Why do you need to build some alternative installation procedure just for personal use when you could simply do a one-off installation of the add-ons required to any of the approved standard version available here?".

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Not The Installer, Licensing

The code for the PA.c Installer is not included with Firefox Portable or the other apps. It's linked from their homepages here. Check the Development section to find it.

Note that if you modify the PA.c Installer at all, you can't call it a PA.c Installer, use our branding, or use the GPL exceptions any longer.

Also note that Firefox Portable can only be distributed as the unaltered binary we release. If you wish to make any changes and/or repackage it, you will require express consent from Mozilla if you wish to keep the Firefox name and trademarks on it.

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