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Two annoying features in Firefox Home page presentation

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Two annoying features in Firefox Home page presentation

Sorry for tedious questions, I guess everybody knows this.
Just started using portable Firefox 64.0.2.
At the bottom of the screen there are two annoying rows
Upper of 2 reads "United Kingdom".
Lower of 2 reads "Advertising | Business" (two buttons).
Can I get rid of these?
Thank you!

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Don't See What You're Reporting

Just did a test 'install' of Firefox Portable and don't see what you're reporting for the default Home Page (I live in the UK too).

On a more general note, if you're kind of new to Firefox, then the best place to field questions (unless it is strictly to do with the portablisation of Firefox as produced by PortableApps) is: If you do post there be sure to mention that you're using Firefox Portable (if that is the case). That said, Firefox Portable acts pretty much like a fully installed Firefox with the exception of essential tweaks done to make it useful as a portable implementation of Firefox.

Use Portable Apps on both Flash Drive and HDD/SSD.

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