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quick search shows that this has been requested before, but not for a while. Please consider adding Quantum GIS to the stable - QGIS is open source (GNU Public License) and runs great off a thumbdrive. Well it used to at any rate. Recent versions are not so happy (and probably older versions were never properly portable).

Release notes for the current version (1.6) explain how it can be made portable (see

"•Added --configpath option that overrides the default path (~/.qgis) for user configuration and forces QSettings to use this directory, too. This allows users to e.g. carry QGIS installation on a flash drive together with all plugins and settings."

I'm sure this means something to someone!

For more info please see:


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+1 for qgis.

+1 for qgis.

I've been trying using different portable versions from different sources. I would be much nicer to have the official support from PortableApps.


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I just found QGIS last week

I just found QGIS last week and came here looking for a portable version. This is DEFINITELY an app that needs portablized. It's open source but the quality is that of verry expensive software and things like this need to be on here. I'd put it up there with LibreOffice, Blender, GIMP as far as value in dollars... maybe even more.

I use PortableApps at work because it is safe and I can use software w/o being a local admin on my box. Apps like this, RStudio, and others should be portable for the sake of getting software into people's hands.

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