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Is it possible to get the portable apps from this site?

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Is it possible to get the portable apps from this site?


are for gamers, it would be a good addition on the list of portabbleapps

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Not associated

That site is not associated with

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Possible migration from NSIS to Go/Rust?

Has any of PA.c main devs looked into the launcher config and code? Is there any plan in the future to migrate from NSIS to Go or other promising language? What are the caveats?

I read somewhere Chris Morgan is excited about Rust. Do Rust will make more sense than Go -- to create portable app. launcher? Just throwing a curiosity here.

John usually has some ideas on how suitable new languages like Go/Rust for portablization work.

I'm just guessing, maybe Go/Rust can rid of portable app. inability to detect crash/system shutdown so it can cleans up before a system crash/shutdown.

Best regards to all PA.c devs and their wonderful works!

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