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RIP Skype 7.X - How to get chat history

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RIP Skype 7.X - How to get chat history

This morning my Skype Portable 7.X stopped working. It would log me in and log me out right away telling me my version was outdated.

If I install Skype 8.X it is a different software all together and it has an option to export 7.X chat history but of course it doesn't see the portable version.

What I did was download the non-portable version of Skype 7.X from
Installed it. Now Skype 7.X non-portable won't start either, but I did try to login just so it recognized the username and maybe created the right folders/links to data for that username.

Then I took my skype username folder from portable and put it into:


Then I installed Skype 8.X which then allowed me to use the export 7.X history which it will do for you and give you a nice browsable version in html format.

I hope this helps someone. Sad to stop using Skype Portable, but no choice at this point.

Also, I'm not 100% sure but I think now all Skype Chat history is in the cloud

*** UPDATE *** -- I was able to get Skype 7.X (non-portable) to work ... See this:

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Other export ways & cloud history

This export saves conversations in a nice, human-readable format, but then also in one html file per "conversation" (~contact).
But if you want another format (maybe to get all in one file), or just not move things around, use this:
… which works directly on the local main.db IIRC.
There's a SkypeLogView, but also a SkypeContactsView, to export also those to various formats.
(Pehaps for moving to some other chat software …)

The history saved by old Skype locally was however long you told it to save: "Forever", or something shorter.

The cloud save have existed since before (don't know when it was introduced), and worked like "save mail on server for awhile" for POP accounts, so when switching between devices, you'd get all mail there too (even if POPing).

In autumn 2018 it was 30 days. I checked because I mistakenly installed the new version – but had the old too. So as I noticed my mistake less than 30d later, I could just fire up the old one and get the sync of what I had done on the new.

(Emptor caveat: Don't know anything about Skype for business, this was the civilan version.)

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S7 still works

As by many users confirmed, the any version of classic Skype ("business") still works. So, let’s wait him portable!
Best wishes!!!

Michael Europe
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Thanks for your posts.

Thanks for your posts.
A question for you:
do you confirm that
with skype 8.X, the chat history is no more backed up locally (in main.db file),
but only on the cloud, and only for a limited number of days ?
I think that, if this is true, skype 8.X is considerably worse than skype 7.X.

Thanks in advance.

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