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Starting Portable Apps when Menu does not start

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Starting Portable Apps when Menu does not start

I use the memory stick, becouse I do travel very often and have to use the public internet points and internet in hotels. These computers are most of the time set in a way that the Port.Apps.Menu does not start. With explorer.exe it is possible to go to the drive-letter of the stick and start anyway.
Is there a way to start explorer.exe also when the 'my computer'icon is not there?
Like a key-combination or so.
Sometimes even the Windows startmenu is not there. So the possebilety to start explorer.exe in the run menu is also not possible.
The cd-drive is sometimes still to open. A selfstarting cd might do the trick, I guess. This cd should start explorer.exe, but this could be a problem when the directory of this program is not known. May it is better to start a simelar program from the cd; like a43.exe, or another, which could be present on the very cd.
Would it work and if the answer is yes; how to make this cd?

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Windows - E is the explorer shortcut, but this would most likely be disabled.

As CD probably wouldn't help as if they've cut off access to Explorer.exe they've most likely disabled auto-run.

Sometimes you can accomplish it in a File - Open dialog. Start up Notepad, Word, etc and then do a File - Open. Set the file filter to All Types (*.*) and browse to the root directory of your portable drive. Right-Click on StartPortableApps.exe and then select open.

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Some ideas

right-click to your desktop, create a new folder, and click on it.
But maybe this option is disabled too.
I think a windows installation ALWAYS knows the location of explorer.exe as it is one of the most-used programs (I think). And its there from the beginning and no by-the user-installed proggy windose doesn't know where to look for.

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Windows Task Manager

You could try Windows Task Manager. The File->New Task opens up a run command window. You could use this to get to explorer.exe, or to get directly to the StartPortableApps.exe. Either hit Ctrl+Alt+Del to pull up the task bar (if your feeling lucky Wink ) or try right-clicking the task bar and selecting 'Task Manager'.

Hope this helps.
Jeffrey Wiggs
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Jeffrey Wiggs
Loving God and Learning Laughter

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