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Want to add a new portable app, CodeXCavator2

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Want to add a new portable app, CodeXCavator2

I LOVE portables apps. I have a tool called CodeXCavator2 which I would like to release as a portable app, and make it available for install via the Portable Apps application, Get More Apps menu.

So I have read through the developer documentation, and packaged it all up etc.

If you look here: you will see the .paf.exe (As well as all the other files that go into the installer)

So it looks good except for one thing: How do I get a node directory for this app ( and get it though the test phase and finally released? I can find lots of information about making your app portable and I have done that, but I cant find the piece of information that tells me how to submit or request that it become part of the official list of portable apps software and be made available, get it through the testing, etc.

I have noticed that are many more portable apps that what the portable apps application offers, but I would like mine to be available in the official list, because I am sure some people like me are reluctant to just download software from somewhere. I feel a little more secure getting it from the official portable apps app!

I think CodeXCavator2 would be a nice addition, because there is currently no code searching and indexing tool anywhere listed under the utilities category! Also, what makes this one great is that it is 64 bits so I can index massive sets of code which cause other tools like GNU global to choke when the index files reaches 2 GB in size.