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[Closed] nppPluginList.dll disappears from plugins/config every time, plugins admin disappears also

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[Closed] nppPluginList.dll disappears from plugins/config every time, plugins admin disappears also

…every time I install another plugin using the new plugins admin.

I am using npp+ 7.6.3 portable edition (portable apps), and, to avoid any confusion with previous versions, I did a fresh download and install (from portableapps) this morning.

After downloading, the plugins admin was initially in the menu, but after I installed the first plugin, it was gone.

I did a lot of research until I found here between many entries the hint that the plugins admin needs nppPluginList.dll.
Fortunately I could copy it from a backup copy of a previous npp version, and the plugins admin was in the menu again.
But only until I downloaded one more plugin, and nppPluginList.dll, and plugins admin, were gone again.
I also copied some plugins from my last working npp version (7.6.2) manually to the new installation, following this procedure of creating subdirectories with the same names as the plugin dll, and the behavior of the disappearing nppPluginList.dll was the same.

I posted this question to the npp support forum, they suggested that I try the npp-portable zip archive from their site, and the "original" version works as expected.
My question is therefore: what happens with the portableapps version, regarding the npp plugins admin?
What can I do to make the plugins admin also work together with portableapps?


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nppPluginList.dll to \App\Notepad++\plugins\Config\ ?

Confirm same issue still on Np++ 7.8 - my observation:
- start Np++ first time and Plugins Admin working normally (until update any plugin)
- update any existing plugin, Np++ ask to restart ... Plugins Admin disappeared.

I've used this method to fix it, in case have to update any plugin and/or Plugins Admin disappeared:
- download same version from web site downloads e.g. currently the "npp.7.8.bin.7z"
- open the 7z file and extract the nppPluginList.dll (locating under \plugins\Config\ )
- check/create missing folder(s) \PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\Config\
- copy the extracted nppPluginList.dll to \PortableApps\Notepad++Portable\App\Notepad++\plugins\Config\
- start Np++ and Plugins Admin should be back - until...

Hope this helps to adjust the PortableApps version...

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Close and Restart

The current release will correctly ensure the plugin admin continues working on subsequent runs. Due to the way Notepad++ restarts itself, it tends to break out of portablization, though (evident by the plugin admin disappearing), so close, wait and restart after using the plugin admin to change anything:

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