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MeinPlatz Portable 5.55 Dev Test 1

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MeinPlatz Portable 5.55 Dev Test 1

Application: MeinPlatz
Category: Utilities

This Windows Tool offers an uncomplicated and fast way to clearly display the used hard disk space and folder size.

Key Features in MeinPlatz

◆ Multi-Tab to Open a second drive of folder in new tab window
◆ Drive scanning: With the percentage analysis, folder size, file count ... .
◆ Export: XLS file, CSV, TXT, HTML
◆ Printing: With print preview and variable aspect ratio.
◆ Grouping: by file extension, modification time, size or folders (Source: Homepage)

Download MeinPlatz Portable 5.55 Dev Test 1 [1.3MB download / 2.5MB installed]
(MD5: 7b10673d15315d3aa5f0d32fde22c448)

Project on GitHub / SourceForge

Release Notes:
5.55 Dev Test 1 (2019-02-28): Initial release

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Nice addition. I'll try it

Nice addition. I'll try it this evening.

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