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Didn't do a thorough search, but looked through the main (tracker) post, and didn't see anything relevant. This behavior is weird (and VERY annoying).

Brand new install of PortableApps (16.0) on an empty flash drive.

No problem installing the apps, but as soon as I selected settings, several shortcuts appeared on my desktop (these were in no way related to PortableApps, they were applications and documents on my system). Removed the shortcuts, rebooted, and started PortableApps again. I could add more apps, and use them for hours with no changes (meaning no shortcuts appearing), but immediately after I clicked on settings in the portable apps menu, the shortcuts appeared again.

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The ordinary portable apps, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gnumeric, Chrome worked fine.
As soon as was installed and started, It changed (and prevented correction of) the name of my D: drive.
This drive is a 128 Gb SDHC card which is used for everything as the HP Stream laptop with Win 10 has very little room left on the SSD.
I did not appreciate interference with it. After several re-formats and deleting everything connected with the new 'app' , sanity has been restored.

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It's an autorun.inf file in the root. Delete it and unplug/replug your drive or reboot your system. After removed, upgrading the platform won't restore this file. Windows is a bit buggy when an autorun.inf is installed on a local drive. You're renaming the drive itself but not its displayed name via the autorun.inf.

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