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Layout - Address Book

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Layout - Address Book

hi guys,
just switching over from 'the other' email client.
i would really like to be able to view my address book in the bottom left corner of the main window, like 'the other' email client but i cant seem to get it to go there.
i hope there is a way to do it and that the BIG open space there can be used for something and is not just a big open space.
i know its just pedantics but it would really help me to make the switch and toss the other muppets for good!!

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I googled around

and found this.
I haven't tested it but maybe it is kinda what you want.

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Contacts Sidebar works for me

I have used the contacts sidebar in both stable 1.5 series and beta 2.0 series TBPs and it works in both. It toggles by hitting 'F4'. For added similarity to MS OL, try the lightning calendar extension.
Jeffrey Wiggs
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Jeffrey Wiggs
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Address space in the email window.

Hello folks,

This is a very minor request. When the email window is opened for writing, there are always four blank rows of address space provided. But in most cases, I only address to one person, so the rest (3 rows) is redundant. As I use a small portable PC and want a larger writing pad, I prefer the default email list space to be 1 or 2 rows.

Could someone in charge of email pad design implement my request?



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Well, I can understand your request, but I think it is directed at the wrong people.

At, existing applications (such as Thunderbird) are made portable. Thus, questions relating to that process are handled here. We can usually answer general questions relating to the underlying application (such as Thunderbird), but since we aren't the authors of that application, you should contact them directly.

neutron1132 (at) usa (dot) com

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