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Updating latest release of PortableApps (16.0.?)

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Updating latest release of PortableApps (16.0.?)

I have updated Portable Apps program itself on many occasions. This mornint when I tried to update, I got an error:

Error opening file for writing:
E:\Portable Apps\PortableApps\\PortableAppsPlatform.exe

This was after it deleted a number of files on its way to updating. I pressed Abort and then I could not run PortableApps at all. It failed with an error:
Cannot open file 'E:\Portable Apps\PortableApps\\App\Graphics\Chrome\matte.png'. The system cannot find the path specified.

I copied the App and Other directories from a backup and then could restart Portable Apps. The next time I started PA, it gave the same error as at the beginning when I started it up and updated the program. This time I clicked Ignore and it seemed to work alright.

Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong and is there anything I should/could do that would check that I have everything installed correctly again?

Thanks for a great product.


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Manually Run Installer?

Did you manually download and run the installer? If so, you need to shut down the platform before running it. The normal way to upgrade, checking for updates in the platform and running the updater, will automatically close the platform. Just download and manually run the installer again with the local platform closed first.

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