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putty settings lost after upgrade

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putty settings lost after upgrade

After upgrading PortableApps Putty to 0.71, *all* my settings and host-settings were completely lost. I can't tell you how completely shitty that is. Please tell me the app kept a backup of my registry settings before zeroing them.

Whew. Yes they were backed up. PortableApps\PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\Data\settings

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Start and Exit

PuTTY can only use the registry. When you start PuTTY Portable, it moves any existing settings to a backup location in the registry, loads your portable settings into the registry, then starts PuTTY. On exit, it does the opposite, saving your portable settings to putty.reg in the directory you mention, deleting the portable settings from the registry, then moving any existing settings back where they were if there were any existing settings. Make sure to start and end the app safely. If your crashes while it's running, run it again and it'll clean itself up.

Upgrading PuTTY Portable will not affect the above process and makes no changes to your settings in the registry or in the Data folder's .reg file.

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