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Platform Update

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Platform Update

I couldn't figure out why the platform coudln't update itself so I went to manually download the update. Seems the site is being blocked by our security - claiming a threat. Anyone else getting this? It is calling out -- "blocked based on Cisco Security threat research" ... if you are not aware Cisco bought Not sure if this is some kind of false positive or not. Hoping it is, trying to reach out to our security guys for more info.

John T. Haller
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Cisco Issue

It's a Cisco Issue. They have a lot of issues with false positives.

Also, Cisco says it's neutral:

Your company may have it set to block software download sites.

For clarity, neither our main site nor our download server has ever served software with potentially unwanted downloads or malware. We scan everything before release and PA.c Format forbids PUPs.

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Gord Caswell
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Similar Problem

I recently had to deal with the corporate firewall at work blocking the entire site, as it had become listed as a provider of "potentially unwanted programs".
Note that I was able to get this reversed by explaining the process John has mentioned above to the provider of the firewall.
I suggest going through whatever appeals process is available through your workplace or the Cisco firewall itself.

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Thanks for the info and the links. They might help, but my guess is that because of the category including shareware and the fact that you could get games and other non-business stuff my chances are slim. I use utilities and other items for work (keepass, etc.) but i doubt they will open it for that - for a couple users out of thousands. It is a newer system for us so I will try but for now I will just have to do updates from off-work-network.

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