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Windows10 update killing launchers?

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Windows10 update killing launchers?

May 4rd I had to reboot my Windows10 due to a system update on May 3rd and found that I suddenly couldn't launch several portable apps because they reported the following:

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

This only affected the launchers, if I tried the main executables, these would run without a problem.

Among the affected launchers were 7-Zip, Notepad++ and several others (didn't make notes of all of them but these two I use almost daily so they were the most important to me.)

I must assume something in the Windows update messed things up because after using System Restore to go back to just prior to this update, the error didn't occur and all of the launchers worked again.

Since I'm not exactly thrilled to go through this again I've paused Windows Update (says it resumes on 6/10/2019) and only hope I can pause it again if the cause (be it the update or something in the way these launchers were build) isn't found before this time.

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same problem

hallo my dear,
have same problem (
have you'd got a solution?
iam shure the issue start with the last update via Microsoft.
But a 2nd issue is watched: no textinput in searchbar, explorer searchbar or feedback tabs
can you advise this too?

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