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KeePass 2.42.1 - issues

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KeePass 2.42.1 - issues

I have just updated KeePass to the latest version and I got my Composite Master Key (.key) and settings removed.

I keep my database and .key file in KeePassPro folder. The database was preserved but the .key file was removed by the update. Thankfully, I've got a backup of it. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup of a settings file (KeePass.config.xml). I suppose the latest update literally removed majority of the content of KeePassPro folder so I've moved my database and .key file to a separate folder to avoid problems. How can I keep my settings after any future update of KeePass? Will I have to backup the settings file before each update?

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Data is for Data, App will be wiped.

By default KeePassPro Portable is configured to store its configuration and data within the Data folder. I'd guess you either ran the app directly without the KeePassProPortable.exe launcher and had it use its own directory within KeePassProPortable\App\KeePassPro. In setups, the KeePassPro\Data directory is for the app's data. Everything else, especially App, is like Program Files on a local install. No user data should be placed there and it will be wiped on upgrade. Remember to only run the apps via their launchers. This is all automatic with the Platform. The App directory contains a readme.txt that says:

This directory contains files used by the portable app.  They should generally not be accessed directly by users.

User data or settings should not be stored within the App directory or its sub-directories.  Any data stored here will likely be deleted on upgrades.

The above said, I have a special config for the launcher to preserve kdbx files for users who accidentally place the file within the App\KeePassPro directory and I've updated it to include key and xml files in github.

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