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Problem : Portable Thunderbird won't work as a standard application

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Problem : Portable Thunderbird won't work as a standard application

Hi! Smile

I have a problem concerning portable Thunderbird. The Application is installed on a USB-Stick and is supposed to be started by a easy launch button on my notebook. Unfortunatly the launch keys can not be redefined.
The only way i can define the launch keys is to define the standard e-Mail Client. I changed the following REgistry entry :

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\shell\open\command\E:\PORTAB~1.7_B\PORTAB~1\PORTAB~1.EXE -compose %1

But it did not help.

Does anybody know how to resolve this problem?? I need your help.


John T. Haller
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Everything you pass to PortableThunderbird.exe is passed directly to Thunderbird.exe unaltered. So, if you setup the reg key exactly like TB would use it but with the PortableThunderbird.exe in place of Thunderbird.exe in the command, it'll work.

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xsenon (not verified)
Hi John, thank you for the

Hi John,

thank you for the fast response!! Smile

i tried everything, but Windows is ignoring every one of my changes. If I start Portable Thunderbird by using the following commandline "C:\DOKUME~1\TEST\DESKTOP\TEMP\PORTAB~1.7_B\PORTAB~1\PORTAB~1.EXE" in the Dos-Box, everything is fine.

But if i put this line in the REgistry, Windows starts Outlook or normal Thunderbird and asks me to select the default application.

This is really strange and I do not know how to resolve this. I tried it on 3 PC's and i got on every one the same problem.

If anybody knows how to resolve this, please help me. I really need adjust this feature.

xsenon Smile

xsenon (not verified)

Hi! Smile

I solved the problem. I searched the Registry and found more keys containing a path to the old eMail client. I changed them all and now Portable Thunderbird is my default eMail-Application .

Enjoy this beautifull piece of Software, thank you John for this! Smile

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