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Portable Firefox Problem After New Update

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Portable Firefox Problem After New Update

This problem have happen after the fiasco of Add-On in Firefox. I have install a new Portable Firefox ver. 66.0.4, after open it, it is automatically updated itself before i know it. After restarting the browser can't be open anymore if i don't click yes to temporarily copied to local hard drive on dialog box that appear saying "the browser appears to be running from a location that is read-only. Would you like to temporarily copy it to the local hard drive and run it from there?" If i click yes and open the browser, it seem the browser have broken. Bookmarks can't be saved and imported. can't favorite new bookmark, can't save any download files and many more.

After checking this problem effect all the Portable Firefox 60.0.0 till 66.0.4 version. But the Portable Firefox version under 60.0.0 can run properly.

I have delete and install new fresh Portable Firefox, still the problem happen and i even using System Restore but still no effect. Can someone help about why this problem happen.