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Audacity, no crash recovery process?

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Audacity, no crash recovery process?

UPDATE: Hah, never mind! When I closed the unhelpful Audacity instance and right-clicked on the unedited file to "Open with >" and start over again, Audacity Portable did, indeed, offer to recover the crashed projects, just like 'normal' Audacity does. Not sure why it works that way but I'm thankful I didn't lose all those hours of edits. Smile

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I recently started using Audacity Portable (2.3.1). Through many years of using 'normal' Audacity, I've always appreciated whenever it crashed, I could simply relaunch the application and Audacity would offer to recover the project(s) I had been working on, even if I had never bothered to save.

Well, Audacity Portable just crashed today. When I re-launched, there was no such offer. I poked around to find any temp files but found none, either in the "Temporary files directory" specified in Edit > Preferences > Directories or in %temp%\AudacityPortableTemp.

So, it appears I cannot rely on Audacity Portable to help recover from a crash as I've always done with 'normal' Audacity.

Please let me know if I'm missing something.