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[Solved] VSCodium data directory

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[Solved] VSCodium data directory

I am currently creating the 1.35.0 version of VSCodium in the portable app format but I have a problem;

It was proposed that I use the build in portable mode and the problem is that I have a error when I install on a VSCodium already installed and with only this in my installer.ini;



It is giving me this.
It's like the installater want to open a file when it's a directory.

So when someone will update the app, they will lose every data they have...

EDIT: Now when there is a update everything is still there but not the settings.json that I include for removing auto-update, telemetry, etc. So if someone does an upgrade they lose their settings. And now my problem is that I don't know how to say to the installater to keep or don't touch everything in the App\VSCodium\data AND the settings.json in App\VSCodium\data\user-data\User\settings.json even if it exist (because I include it in the paf.exe).

EDIT2: So finaly all I have to do is a filemove.. And the release will be tomorrow.

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Some suggestions

Some suggestions for you to consider.
1) Use the method used by ShareX (
If a file "PortableApps" exists in the application directory, save data in the standard portable app "Data" directory.
2) Let user set the location of the data directory in an ini file in the application directory.
For example,

Then the application will save data base on this setting.

btw althought I have run v1.35.0 in portable mode, the app still create folder in "..\Roaming\Visual Studio Code\logs" and write to registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\vscode

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Data folder

The thing is that it is recommended (?) to use the portale mode offer for the app than the one of the PortableAppFormat... I already have the one with the data folder used if needed. About the registery I need to documented myself for it.

PS: About the folder created in the Roaming; I already do a Cleanup if empty so it is erase after the use of the app.

Portabilizing application... 14 at the moment

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