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Practical ways to wipe files in a pendrive

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Practical ways to wipe files in a pendrive

Hi all,

While I understand the discussion in this article:
I still need a practical way to delete files in pendrives without HW encryption.

Even when I'm using Veracrypt (Portable in the same drive) for most content, I often need to print in public printers or share information with other people who trust me enough to open a PDF or Excel file but not a random, unfamiliar hacking-craking-looking executable. Sometimes they are private photos, or PDF files with financial or administrative information, and I want them deleted when I'm done, just in case I lose the pendrive or whatever.

I'm not into terrorism, I won't get in jail if data there goes public, my employer won't lose millions worth contracts nor people will die if people uses something on my pendrive... I'll just be very pissed off if I find on the Internet memes on my baby child or if a neighbour learns how much I do yearly.

What Eraser mode should do enough and is faster, more confortable?