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KiTTY - Virustotal Detect Trojan

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KiTTY - Virustotal Detect Trojan

Any suspicions on keeping in SSH the client of any viruses significantly compromises the PortableApps platform.

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Thanks for the heads up. It

Thanks for the heads up. It seems to inherit the problem from PuTTY, which has similar results. I suspect false positives here, because I found no single hint on the net for a true threat. That would have been the case for such a widely use tool (PuTTY). You could submit a report to the corresponding AV companies. If I find some time, I could do that, too, but not before next week. I'll contact Cyd (the dev of KiTTY), too.

John T. Haller
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Already Clean

It was a false positive. It's already fully clean now. Just refresh the same scan of the exact same file.

For future reference, 3 engines show a detection is a false positive. An actual infections shows dozens of engines.

As always, our files are fully clean.

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