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sudoku.exe was not found. Please check your configuration

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sudoku.exe was not found. Please check your configuration

I am clicking on the executable. I have to re-install the program every time I want to run it. What the solution?

Patrick Patience
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As we can read, Sudoku.exe was not found.

So, take the self-extracting file and run it, extract to:


Where X is the drive letter of your portable device.

X:PortableApps/PortableApps is where ALL of your applications go that you wish to have show up in the menu.

By executable, you mean the one in the menu? Or right FROM the folder? Cause I don't see how if couldn't find it if you're clicking on it. Just do what I said and it should work fine. Oops, I assumed you had the PortableApps Menu. Yes?

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