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qBittorrent x64 Portable

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qBittorrent x64 Portable

derived from the official qbittorrent portable, but replaced with the 64-bit binary
advantages of x64 vs x86:

**qBittorrent x64 Portable: Download
SHA1: b3b963e5a4bdbaa1e10fd3ea63ffa6305516fd62

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Format needed

Just a reminder that you need to follow the format of the beta testing post

Portabilizing application... 14 at the moment

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@chokeslap will you be making

@chokeslap will you be making an updated version of qBittorrent at all? Many thanks.

Otherwise is there an easy way to upgrade a portable 32 bit installation of qBittorrent to 64 bit?

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It'd be really nice if there was a 64 bit version

This application really does need a 64bit portable variant. It's not so much about "Advantages over 32bit" as it is because the 32bit program performs very poorly in some situations. However it's possible that a user could go forever without actually experiencing the poor performance if they only download to the default (C) disk. However people who prefer to avoid writing to their system SSD (for example), might wish to download directly to a USB 3.0 Thumb Drive or External HDD. A device like that should have no problems allowing qBittorrent to download directly to it but the 32 bit version will chug and lag. It feels a lot like Server/Client I/O Blocking, the GUI becomes unresponsive while something is happening in the background. This problem immediately goes away if the x64 bit version is swapped out for the 32bit executable that comes with the PortableApps version.

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