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[Solved] TeamSpeak Portable not launching via PortableApps.comFormat

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[Solved] TeamSpeak Portable not launching via PortableApps.comFormat

I created TeamSpeakPortable and I don't know why but when I launch TeamSpeak 3.3.0 via the launcher (TeamSpeakPortable.exe) It didn't launch, its just opening (TeamSpeakPortable.exe) himself and self destruc (I checked in Process Hacker). The only thing that work for me is to change the compability of the application and put it 'Launch as admin' to the executable and add RunAsAdmin=force into the launcher.ini and then its decide to launch. But if I launch the executable ts3client_win32.exe directly it dosn't need admin permission to not self destruc.

I really don't know how to make it work without admin permission with PA.c

PS: The problem only happen when launching the app via PA.c, I tried with a shorcut with this target %COMSPEC% /C .\TeamSpeakPortable\App\TeamSpeak\ts3client_win32.exe and the app is lauching.

Solved since I posted it in a beta release