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Mozilla Firefox Portable

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Jacob zoubir
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Mozilla Firefox Portable

Hello guys,
I really really need a profisinal help . I hope to find it here
Well, I'm willing to use firefox Portable for my business, but I need to edit some stuff in the settings of first before apening F.F.P.
I know it is still not clear yeat. Okay I'm working on Ebay and for me to open more than one account I have to use an other computer or use Firefox Portable. I want to know what are the files that I need to eddit in Firefox Portable settings to prevent it from getting to my mac IP , IP's ,and C panel, and all my data.
Please if any one knows what I mean help me
I'm talking exacltly about these files.
FirefoxPortable.ini / application.ini/ platform.ini/ updater.ini/crashreporter-override.ini/FirefoxPortableSettings.ini