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TB-portable not accepting AutoHotKey or StreamDeck input?

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TB-portable not accepting AutoHotKey or StreamDeck input?

I know this isn't an AutoHotKey or Elgato StreamDeck support forum, but I'm having an issue with Portable Thunderbird specifically in regards to those apps & I thought I'd ask here in case someone had some insight...

I have created some simple AutoHotKey one-shot scripts (for instance: - creates a new message & exits). And I have tried using the SuperMacro plugin on my Elgato StreamDeck to do the same thing (just enter Control-N). Neither of them work with Portable Thunderbird, but they *do* work with the standard install of Thunderbird. Also, if I manually enter Control-N from my keyboard while in Portable Thunderbird, it works correctly.

Is there something in the Thunderbird Config Editor Settings that might be causing it to ignore input from non-standard keyboard devices? I've poked around in there and found some keyboard related entries but nothing is different between the Portable & Standard installs. It seems like there is something that isn't accepting input from AutoHotKey or the StreamDeck as keyboard input which other apps accept correctly.

Just a stab in the dark here, but I thought I'd ask in case there is something the Portable Thunderbird config that may jump out at someone.