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iobit not really portable

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iobit not really portable

i think iobit is writing to my disk. i have iobit defrag in portableapps (on my hard drive, not a usb).

i scanned my system for virus' the other day with dr. web cureit. and dr. web reported a pup. iobit is usually detected as a pup, so that was not unusual. but its location was:


it is possible i had iobit many years ago installed and this is a leftover from the uninstaller. so i thought i'd post it here so someone else could check if they have it as well.

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Possible previous version bug

There was a bug in a previous version a while back that failed to remove that file. The current release preserves it if it was there. Delete that file and run the app again to ensure it is removed on exit.

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