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Swapping profiles between TB "Portable" and "Portable 2nd Profile"

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Swapping profiles between TB "Portable" and "Portable 2nd Profile"

I set up a second TB profile using the PortableApps "2nd profile" version alongside my initial portable version and now would like to swap the profiles between the two so that I can eventually remove the 2nd Profile install entirely.

The main reason for setting up the 2nd profile was so I could convert my mailboxes to MailDir from MBox which was less appropriate for using TB via the cloud (OneDrive).

All seems to have gone well with the transition between mailbox types, but what should I now move across between the two to tidy things and leave me with just the one Portable TB?

Both TB installs were fresh without any particular extensions or configurations so all I essentially need to do is get the "ImapMail and "Mail" folders from the 2nd install to the 1st one (and while I'm at it, the 1st to the 2nd as backup in case of issues).

Maybe all I need to do is swap the "profile" folders in their entirety between the two installs, but I don't want to muck anything up so thought I'd check here first in case there are some subtle differences between 1st and 2nd PortableApp configs (and I did notice a few differences between the actual file contents of both profile directories).

In general, I haven't used PortableApps much yet to fully know how uninstalling works, but I'm assuming it's a straightforward process of uninstalling (or just deleting) the 2nd Profile install when I'm ready (and thereby removing all those huge/large MBox files from the cloud).

Any advice on this would be most useful, thanks in advance for any replies.


TIP - for anyone interested in the conversion process from MBox to MailDir (MailDir keeps single email files instead of large database ones which are not ideal for the continual cloud syncing), then the only way I found was to start afresh with a new TB install and change the "Message Store Type" setting in Options/Advanced/General/Advanced Configuration BEFORE setting up any accounts (all IMAP in my case). Then for the problem of the "Local Folders" store where I had 8GB of old emails in MBox format, I used a useful extension called "LocalFolders" that created a second "Local Folders" (it gives the option of which format to create it in) where I could just drag-n-drop/copy between the old and new locations and the conversion happened automatically.