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portableapps app does no longer start after broken update

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portableapps app does no longer start after broken update

Updates went very well and without problems for the last 5 years. But today a file could not be overwritten by the update process. As it could still not do after multiple repitions, I cancelled the update. But now I can no longer start portableapps ... I assume that older ecxecutables and/or libraries had been delted but not replaced by newer ones ... the tray icon is still there but on every try to access it "acess violations" are reported.

Would a new install of portableapps overwrite everything I already have on disk or is there a repair mode at installation?


John T. Haller
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Reboot, install over

Reboot your machine and install the platform over the existing one by downloading from the Download page. Just be sure to select the location that Start.exe exists in if it doesn't automatically detect the upgrade.

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