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app requests

Hi there, I'm sorry if this has already been addressed in older postings, but, I'm curious as to why there isn't a version of WinAmp available as a portable app. I know that the app was discontinued, but many of the websites I visit to download video game music are still recommending that people use their WinAmp plugins.

If there's an app that I'm unaware of that is still in development that can use those outdated winamp plugins, I'd gladly use that from now on. Thanks

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A new version of WinAmp is supposedly in development and there is a active forum:

As WinAmp is provided under a Freeware license (i.e. all older versions) and its trademarks will presumably be subject to copyright, it could only be made portable (assuming portability is possible), and distributed by third parties with the developer's explicit permission.

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