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outlook thunderbird sync

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outlook thunderbird sync


At my work the use outlook 2003. (exchange and offline folder)
I use it for my agenda and email program.
Now i have a usb stick with thund portable
I'm looking for a way to sync my work outlook agenda in th port with lightning.
Maybe if it is possible i also want a sync of emails.

Can someone help me with this?
I don't have admin rights on the pc so i think it needs to be portable?

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I think

they have different mail-storage file types so it could be difficult and require some sort of go-between.

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Possible solution

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while. I use Outlook because of my Pocket PC, and Plaxo has been syncing my contacts between the two for a while, but I only recently found a potential solution for the calendars. So recently, in fact, I haven't even gotten it working yet, so it's just theoretical.

Basically, the idea is to use Google Calendar as a go-between. Outlook can sync with Google Calendar using gSyncit, and Lightning can sync with Google Calendar using the new extension Provider for Google Calendar.

It's a more complex solution than I'd prefer, but it should work (in theory). Plaxo claims they'll support Lightning eventually, but since Plaxo for Thunderbird is still in Beta, even *without* Lightning support, I'd say we have a while to wait.

Let me know if you can get this to work, I may not have a chance to try for a while yet.

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