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Delphi Community Edition (formerly Starter) 10.3

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John T. Haller
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Delphi Community Edition (formerly Starter) 10.3

It looks like there's a licensed version of Delphi that can be used by the community to help build the platform again. Delphi Community Edition 10.3 should let developers build the current platform from source. The current platform is built with Delphi Professional 10.2.

You can get it from here after registering:

Please let us know how it works for you.

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Delphi 10.3 Portable

I join to the request. If you do not find willing, maybe I will in the future try to create such a version, only I will need help myself

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I want this as well - a

I want this as well - a portable version of the Delphi IDE would be amazing. I'm looking to get back into programming on delphi and now would be a good time for this.

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Delphi Community Edition

As a very young child I was taught "I want never gets" Wink

Whilst the Delphi Community Edition is free to use under strict licensing conditions dictated by the developers, Embarcadero and individual installations are tied to users, i.e. you have to register on line to get the download and licence the installation, which totally precludes any legal 3rd party distribution. Also see the FAQ Item 20:

"The term of the Community Edition license is for one year from your first download or unsealing of Licensor's Products ("Community Edition Term") and will automatically expire upon the end of the Community Edition Term - the Community Edition license will not auto-renew. To the extent you want to continue using the Community Edition after the expiration or termination of your Community Edition Term, you must re-install the latest version of the Community Edition and agree with the terms and conditions of the Agreement in force at that time. For example, if Licensee installed the Community Edition v1.0 and upon expiration of the Community Edition Term intends to continue using the Community Edition then, subject to Licensee's continued compliance with the additional license terms and restrictions of the Community Edition, Licensee must re-install the then current version of the Community Edition license. Upon expiration of the Community Edition Term, all software developed using the Community Edition license may continue to be distributed by Licensee subject to the terms and restrictions of the License Agreement. All restrictions and conditions relating to the Community Edition license shall survive the termination or expiration of your Community Edition Term. The Community Edition license will automatically terminate upon Licensee's breach of the terms specified in the License Agreement."

Especially note the "must install" comments and time limitations, but feel free to try to persuade Embarcadero to produce a portable version if you feel inclined..

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