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Fl studio

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Fl studio

I have been a user of portable apps for quite some time but never made an account. The applications this site push out is amazing!! So im pretty sure you guys have heard of before? It's a place where other software is free for download too!! But to get to the main point, i downloaded fl studio from downloadbull on windows 7 and it worked just fine!! But now i just upgraded to windows 10, and it doesn't work :/ I receive this error code:
Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Or possible remake the fl-studio?

The downloadbull link is: : [link to illegal software removed by mod JTH]
Please take a look and test it out on your windows 10. Does it get the same error as mine?
If the fl studio does work for you could you possibly send me the files after you ran it!! I would appreciate it very much, and other starting out producers using windows 10 too!!

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Re:Fl studio

Fl studio is commercial software. It's certainly possible to make commercial software portable, but in this case I think that site is just pirating software and may or may not care about portability.

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