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Flappy Bird Portable 1.5.2 Dev Test 1

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Flappy Bird Portable 1.5.2 Dev Test 1

Application: Flappy Bird
Category: Games
License: MIT
Language: English
Description: A multi-resolution supported and StrobeAPI integrated clone of Flappy Bird - utilizing "Deep Learning", written in C++ and made with Qt.

Download Flappy Bird Portable 1.5.2 Development Test 1 [16.1MB download / 53.4MB installed]
(MD5: d00ed79ef145b4245824769148b8a09f)
(SHA-1: 94c85b71604ed5ce2c105af620d44f820caed13b)
(SHA-256: 0ea57a452b5da0d74fde5ff6a7d83edbda35ae9b2e3e9b585c0f6466a9d74064)

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Project: GitHub

Release Notes:

1.5.2 Dev Test 1 (2019-11-10): Initial release