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Rambox Portable 0.7.1

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Rambox Portable 0.7.1

Just created paf package for latest update of Rambox 0.7.1.

  • Fast startup: it doesn't move data directory to %APPDATA% folder, instead, run from data folder directly.
  • Cache cleanup on exit
  • Disable auto-run on system boot
  • No splash screen

Download here: RamboxPortable_0.7.1.paf.exe

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Sorry to say this but you are

Sorry to say this but you are in the wrong subforum, you need to go to the Beta Testing section and you didn't follow the rule/template about posting a Dev Test application. And if you want to do it on GitHub, it will be better that you create a new repositoy and then post your file in it with the release instead of forking the actual app and doing release on it.

PS: Maybe giving credit or a text about that is a continuation of this release. when doing your new post.

Portabilizing application... 14 at the moment

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