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AudioVideoToExe Portable 2.1 Dev Test 1

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AudioVideoToExe Portable 2.1 Dev Test 1

Application: AudioVideoToExe
Category: Utilities
License: MIT
Language: Multilingual
Description: AudioVideoToExe is an application that can converts BATCH (.bat) script files to the EXE (.exe) format.

Download AudioVideoToExe Portable 2.1 Development Test 1 [30.4MB download / 31.2MB installed]
(MD5: d4fdc62690e8211ef9f08a8e95c2da32)
(SHA-1: eda807461eeb98691ab7ff0afdefe4960e84e5cb)
(SHA-256: b02cf4fa4072a0ef1d369f106cc00f956fbcc5f2f4df6c2476e7c4e9f1430517)

VirusTotal: Two false positive

Project: GitHub

Release Notes:

2.1 Dev Test 1 (2019-12-01): Initial release