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Piano From Above Portable

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Piano From Above Portable

Hello everyone, I have created a portable version of the software known as Piano From Above. I found the code on GitHub, downloaded it, packaged it and now I shall release it. There will be all the files below that you NEED to download for this app to run. Here's how to do it:
1: Install PFA Portable and all of its files here:
2: Put d3dx9_43.dll in the PFAPortable Directory as well as the PianoFromAbove folder
3: Run the PortableApp.
(I must note, there is a massive glitch on some devices, that while running Piano From Above portable, there will be no window that appears upon launching. I may try to fix that in the near future. For now, press ALT+ENTER to go into fullscreen.)
Thank you for trying my PortableApp. I hope you enjoy it.