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SymMover (free for personal use)

helps you move a folder from one disk to another, and keep its "location" in Windows Explorer. Windows still "thinks" the folder is located in the same place as before, even though it's not.

achieves this by first moving the folder to its destination, and then creating a symbolic link between the source and destination.

This means that software and games will still work after you move them to another disk. designed for moving software and games. You can easily add installed software and games to SymMover's main window, and move them back and forth between disks.

Do you have a fast SSD, that can't hold all your software and games at the same time?

makes it easy to shuffle your software back and forth between the SSD and other disks. This means that you can benefit from the speed of the SSD, by moving the software you use the most to the SSD.

Any disk can run out of space, and SymMover saves you from the hassle of uninstalling your software, and reinstalling it on another disk

How to Move Installed Programs in Windows 10 video