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Firefox portable is reading registry values (when ist shouldn't)

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Firefox portable is reading registry values (when ist shouldn't)

Hi folks,

in "about:preferences" firefox tells me in german "Der Browser wird durch Ihre Organisation verwaltet." (in english "The browser is administrated by your organisation").

This means, that i.e. it does not (since they disabled it)

- use my saved accounts to login to sites.
- allow to update to the most recent version.

I understand that this is important for the (ESR) release that my company automatically installs, but I would expect a portable release to be able to ignore those corporate settings.

I mean, this is why I use the portable version (to make me feel at home as you state in your pros why to use

Is there a way to have the portable release ignore those annoying registry settings. Despite the deep digging search I did, I haven't found any solution so far. This really decreases the value of the great work you do with portable apps!



John T. Haller
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You'd need to ask Mozilla about this as they have designed Firefox in such a way that it will always read and respect those registry values, at least to my knowledge.

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According to [1] this Anti

According to [1] this Anti-Feature was added back in Firefox 60.
There is a link to a bug [2]
This leads to a commit [3]
The file browser/components/enterprisepolicies/EnterprisePolicies.js was changed
The very same file is contained in your Firefox installation in a file called "omni.ja" which is actually a zip-archive, that can be extracted.
The file is found again as "extracted-omni/components/EnterprisePolicies.js
I tried changing it and wrapped the extracted folder back in a zip archive using the "store-only" compression.
I verified, Firefox does not start if the omni.ja is missing and on the other hand, it will actually start with my modification.

Only so far, I could not stop it from reading the Registry. It seems, Firefox is maybe keeping a cache of some precompiled JavaScript and does not use my changed file??? Or it is not enough to sabotage the Registry-Access and Firefox picks up another configuration???

Too late in the night to experiment any further. Perhaps someone with a better JavaScript-knowledge can pick up from here and advice how to change that file?


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