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Import EPS files into Impress?

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Import EPS files into Impress?

Hi everyone,

This has been really frustrating me, but I'm trying to import a EPS file into Impress, but it keeps coming up as text. I've searched Google, and the forums, but they all seem to say that OOo does import EPS file. I'm not sure if this is a limitation on the Portable version, but can someone let me know if it is fact possible, and if so how?


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It works, but is not completely useful

Here is my experience: Impress imports EPS files correctly, but it does not generate previews for them. On screen, they display as a text description. If printed on a postscript printer, the figure prints OK. However, that is not useful if you want to display your presentation on screen or with a projector!

I also tried exporting to PDF. When done with the facilities of Impress itself, that was not successful -- in other words, the descriptive text was inserted, not the figure itself. When done with Acrobat, the export was successful.

So, if you have EPS that you need to insert, and you can use Acrobat to make a PDF before giving the presentation, you could work that way. Or, you could possibly convert the the EPS files to other formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF) before importing them by using ghostscript/GSView/Ghostview (as appropriate for your OS).

On Windows, an alternative would be to print the presentation to a Postscript printer driver that is set up to save as Postscript file. Then you could convert that to PDF using GSView, which is free.

Hope that helps.


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