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[Fixed] LibreOffice 6.4 missing German proofing tools.

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[Fixed] LibreOffice 6.4 missing German proofing tools.


I sorry to have to inform you that Spanish UI isn‘t only thing that is missing in new package. Probably because of the same change in the usual installer row order the German proofing tools are also not on board. The workaround right now: download the complete (big) package and put the folder “dict-de” from the “App\libreoffice\share\extensions” in the installation file (could be opened with 7-zip) into the same folder of your installation.

Another question: every time a new point release arrives (6.4 after 6.3 for example), the selected Java in the settings is reset and have to be once again selected. My question: is it something PortableApps specific or is it some general LibreOffice issue? And could we avoid this somehow?

Sincerely yours, Anton

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Fixed in 6.4.0 Rev 2

This is fixed in 6.4.0 Rev 2

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