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Firefox portable freezes on latest Win 10 (build 1909)

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Firefox portable freezes on latest Win 10 (build 1909)

I've been using Firefox Porable from my flash drive for ages without any problem. Recently, I found out that is is absolutely unusable on computers running the latest Win 10. I have the latest fresh install of Firefox Portable and it was running fine before update to W10 1909. After the update, I can't use it any more. It takes 10 minutes to start and anything I try to do in it takes more minutes. I put my cursor on a button and it takes maybe half a minute to highligh. I click it and it takes a minute to do what it should do. Until then it freezes. I try to scroll a page and it scroll after half a minute. Totally unusable. Why is this? Is that anything I can do about it? It works perfectly in any computer, new or older, running older Win 10, on PCs running build 1909, I see this odd behaviour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Firefox portable freezes on latest Win 10 (build 1909)

I have the same problem. The issue is with firefoxportable.exe. If you go into the Win32 or Win64 App folder and click on firefox.exe, both versions run with no problems.

Update: I copied my portableapps flashdrive en masse from a USB 2.0 stick to a USB 3.0 stick. After doing that portablefirefox.exe appears to be working just fine. I don't know why that should make a difference, but it did.

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