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Why do you "make" already portable Apps portable (e-g- Telegram, OperaMail...)

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Why do you "make" already portable Apps portable (e-g- Telegram, OperaMail...)

Its is bewildering that you sometimes produce complications by making programs portable which can already be run portable!

IF there IS a good reason for this (e.g. better handling of multi-user OS ? (which I could not honestly believe...) you should AT LEAST
mention the programs ability to be already run in portable mode

Two examples:

1."Telegram" can already be downloaded an run portable

2. OperaMail (and OLD Opera browser with built-in mail as well!) can be run portable by
a) editing "operaprefs_default.ini" and
b) adding (or changing the line to) "Multi User=0" under [System] as shown below_

Multi User=0 ; If enabled Opera will use Windows profiles to store individual user settings

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Partially Portable

Both of those apps are only partially portable on their own. Telegram will install a Start Menu shortcut on launch (breaking your local one) to enable Windows notifications and leave it behind on exit. Our launcher backs up any existing shortcut and restores it on exit so it doesn't mess up a local install. Opera has some Preferences settings break as you move paths and leaves registry stuff behind. Our launcher portablizes the Preferences stuff and removes the registry settings (and backs up and restores any from a local Opera install so it doesn't get mess up by a portable one).

Additionally, they both offer all the advantages of Format over standard ZIPs or manually selecting USB installs in the Opera installer:

The Platform is the way about 75% of our downloads, installs, and updates are done. So, we do offer a handful of apps that are mostly portable on their own but far easier to install, use, and update via the platform.

If you're uninterested, you're free to manually install zips, etc from publishers where offered.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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