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Audacity - playback sound quits, cursor continues, user input ignored

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Audacity - playback sound quits, cursor continues, user input ignored

Just as I was about to post this on, I figured I should try here, first. If this has been mentioned here before, I apologize but, since it's not in Known Issues...

I'll be playing a track in Audacity and suddenly, after I do something — not sure but I think I pressed the spacebar to stop — sound stops, the cursor keeps on going as if it's still playing, and the application won't respond to the mouse, keyboard or anything. This continues until the cursor reaches the end of the track. Then, everything returns to normal.

I'm unable to reproduce it but I've seen it happen two or three times since installing a few months ago.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
Install path: H:\PortableApps\AudacityPortable (new installation)

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Not Likely a Portable Issue

It's unlikely that this would be related to our package. We have Audacity set up to use it's official 'portable' setup using Portable Settings in its own directory. The only thing we specifically do is set the environment variable VST_PATH=%PAL:AppDir%\VSTPlugins which is empty by default. You can remove that from AudacityPortable\App\AppInfo\Launcher\AudacityPortable.ini if you'd like. I haven't seen the issue you described in the local or portable version.

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