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ConvertAll 0.8.0 - False Positive In Vipre AV

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ConvertAll 0.8.0 - False Positive In Vipre AV

I reported the "false positive" to the Vipre people and gave them the download link to obtain it directly.

Vipre is reporting "Trojan.GenericKD.33560416" <<-- Vipre considers that a malware indication.

Usually Portable Apps stuff does not trigger any AV warnings for me.

I will say this about what I saw tonight: When I checked for updates about 4 hours ago, this file refused to download. The Portable Apps Updater "errored out". Now when I ran the Updater I got the updated ConvertAll installer, but running the installer triggered my AV, quarantined the installer, and broke the installation process.

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False Positive, Wait

There's a false positive in a handful of antivirus products. You'll have to wait for Vipre to fix their issue.

Pro Tip: Any "generic" description is not based on an actual malware detection. It's based on a heuristic detection of a possible issue and the heuristics tend to be kind of false positive-happy. In my own experience, I've never seen a generic detection that wasn't a false positive in the last decade.

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