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BAO tower simulator

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BAO tower simulator

Hi everybody, hope I won't go out of guidelines with this post.
I'm an air traffic instructor, giving web lessons like everybody in these days... It came to my mind that in 1995 I bought a simple but working Tower simulator, and I think it could be help me a lot during my classes. The software is abandonware and there is a collegue site expalining a lot about it ( ). My problem is I'm at home and I need to use my office laptop, which is locked for apps installation. I managed to install dosbox portable, then I installed windows 3.1 portable (needed by the simulator to run) and then installed also the simulator as well. No error messages. When I launch it I got an error message " DOS error 21" and I'm stuck there...
Any help? the goal is to have a folder (on usb key or desktop) working without need for installation. I can provide zip files with the program, and I can give you air traffic control lessons then Wink
Many thanks for a kind help

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"DOS error 21" message - Solution

I came across your post while searching for a solution to the "DOS error 21" message. I am also attempting to add Tower to my list of Windows 3.1 programs running under DOSBox. I was able to eliminate the message by changing the type of cpu emulated in DOSBox. In DOSBox's conf file, change the "cputype" entry in the "[cpu]" section to "486_slow".
That eliminated that error message but I then received an "Error reading airport information" error that I haven't been able to fix. Let me know if you make any progress.
Best Regards

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